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Delay in interviews for Assistant Heads and LSAs

July 14, 2015 at 11:25 am

Delay in interviews for Assistant Heads and LSAs

The MUT wrote to the DGs DES and the DG Operations on behalf of various members who applied through the PSC call for the positions of Assistant Head and LSA. The Union stated that it appears that, notwithstanding the amount of weeks that have elapsed since the submission of the application, nobody is yet informed on the date for the interview. The Unions believes that this is very unfair since people cannot plan their holidays and those who have holidays planned already cannot be sure on whether their interview will clash with any such activity.

In reply to this, the DG DES stated that candidates will be called for the interview soon and the Permanent Secretary also added that the Ministry will be accommodating if and when there are difficulties. Meanwhile the Union is informed that candidates are being notified to attend their interviews.

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