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Continue your MUT Membership upon retirement!

May 7, 2018 at 11:40 am

Continue your MUT Membership upon retirement!

The Retired Educators Section of the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT-RES) is the section representing those of us who, after years of dedicated teaching, reach the well-deserved age of retirement. This is when one can pamper oneself with a new way of life.

Are you approaching retirement age? Planning what to do in the years ahead? Join us and:
#Relax with our new style of life.
#Meet your peers.
#Enjoy our outings and our other activities.
#Maintain contact with the profession through our section in the union.

We are asking MUT Delegates and/or members at different schools and workplaces to print the attached file and post it to a prominent noticeboard. Click HERE to download it. We thank you in advance!

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