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Communication to members in State and Church Schools

May 27, 2024 at 4:35 pm

Communication to members in State and Church Schools

Dear Member in State Schools and Church Schools,

As you are aware, we initiated the process leading to a new Sectoral Agreement. In our communication issued last Friday, we notified that negotiations with the Government on a new Sectoral Agreement were concluded. On Friday the MUT Council approved the agreement unanimously.

The first process which is essential requires the registration for the vote and the optional face-to-face meetings in Malta and Gozo. This process is ongoing and the deadline to register for the vote is Wednesday 29th May at 9.00am. There cannot be any late registration so anyone who misses this deadline misses the opportunity to vote for this agreement and to attend the face-to-face meetings.

Any members who have any membership balance need to settle them by tomorrow Tuesday 28th May. We encourage you to participate in the process as this is our agreement.

Please follow the link here to register for the vote and meetings.

Thanks for your support,

Marco, Elaine, Chris.

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