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Clarification on the way forward from Monday 12th April

April 9, 2021 at 3:49 pm

Clarification on the way forward from Monday 12th April

Following queries from various members, the MUT would like to confirm the following:

– all educators restarting their work at school physically shall revert to the same system and measures adopted before their respective school went online;

– all educators working online (including Middle and Secondary schools before restarting from school physically) shall continue with the same online system adopted in March;

– Virtual schools shall continue to operate as established;

– High risk educators shall continue to work from home;

– Peripatetic, support and complimentary teachers shall revert to the agreed procedure between MUT and MFED whereby they are requested to report to work at one single mother school only.

Any issues are to be reported at once so that the union can look into them and act as necessary. The MUT thanks all members for their continued support and for adapting to the circumstances in spite of the difficult situation.

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