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Church Schools Agreement Addendum on recruitment/promotion

January 5, 2016 at 3:15 pm

Church Schools Agreement Addendum on recruitment/promotion

The MUT and the Church School Secretariat have finally signed an addendum to the agreement on the lines as originally requested by the MUT in which the long awaited improvement for recruitment to the grades of Assistant Heads and Heads has finally come to light. The addendum is an update of the current clauses concerning the Assistant Head and Head grades, and is a temporary document which will eventually be replaced by the Collective Agreement. In practice the implications of this agreement are as follows:

a) Church Schools must open their vacancies for lay Assistant Heads to eligible teachers in all Church Schools, not just their own, eliminating the first step which meant that only candidates from that particular school would be considered. This means that all Church School teachers will be given a much higher probability of moving to another Church School and obtain a promotion than ever before.
b) Vacancies for lay Heads of Schools will be open to all Assistant Heads and HODs and INCOs, as per government regulations. This will increase promotional opportunities for all persons in the grades of AH, INCO and HOD who are eligible to apply for Heads.
c) Last but not least, the agreement also outlines an appeal procedure agreed by both parties in case the result of an interview is not to the candidate’s satisfaction.

The Union will publish the agreement in PDF format on its website soon.

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