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Change in Reduced Hours Procedure

July 29, 2016 at 10:09 am

Change in Reduced Hours Procedure

Following correspondence with the HR Directorate at MEDE, the Union has been informed that Reduced Hours applications and procedure have been changed and are no longer combined with unpaid leave.

The Director at HR in fact has just confirmed that this year the reduced hours agreement was discussed and it was concluded that a teacher ought not be on unpaid leave so as to work on reduced hours. This was discussed with the Permanent Secretary as well as with PACBU whereby found no objection for a teacher to work on reduced hours even though she/he is NOT on unpaid leave. Moreover, this year the HR Directorate was given a concession in that the duration agreements for scholastic year 2016-2017 will be as from 22nd September till 31st August 2017.

With requests from teachers as to work on reduced hours, the HR Director stated that it’s within remit of the Directorate for Education Resources since they need to check classification as well as vacancies which can/maybe be taken up by teachers on reduced hours.

Meanwhile the Union has appealed with the Directorates so that reduced hours as per 2010 Collective Agreement are extended to other grades as well.

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