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Carmen Dimech appointed MUT General Secretary

July 24, 2017 at 2:14 pm

Carmen Dimech appointed MUT General Secretary

The Malta Union of Teachers would like to announce Ms. Carmen Dimech as its new General Secretary. Ms. Dimech has served on the MUT Council for fifteen years and has also contributed in different Union committees and roles throughout the years. She has worked in the Church school sector for 38 years, including 18 years as Guidance teacher and the last 8 years as PSCD and Guidance Head of Department within the Secretariat for Catholic Education.

In a comment, MUT President Mr. Marco Bonnici “welcomes Ms. Dimech to the post and looks forward to start working immediately on the many issues at hand, including pending agreements and individual member issues. Her vast experience will certainly be an asset at this crucial time. Also, this appointment marks a number of firsts in the long history of the Union, including first woman General Secretary and also, with two out of four, full gender equality in terms of full-time Union Officials without any need for quotas. This augurs well especially since the workforce in the educational sector is in good part female and therefore this will be reflected in Union representation.”

Meanwhile the MUT welcomes Ms. Elaine Germani as the new Vice President, who joins Mr. Marco Bonnici as President and Mr. Norman Grech as the Senior-Vice President as the fully-complemented new leadership of the Union. Ms. Germani taught Physics and Integrated Science for 15 years and is an elected member of the Council for the Teaching Profession. She also worked with a team of science teachers in the setting up of the Maltese Association of Science Educators (MASE) and has been a committee member ever since. Ms. Germani has been an MUT Council members for the past nine years.

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