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Assistant Heads and INCO duties

November 18, 2015 at 4:35 pm

Assistant Heads and INCO duties

The MUT wrote to the DG DES to state that, following the fiasco which ensued from the meeting held this morning for Assistant Heads on IEPs, the Union will not accept that Assistant Heads are given INCO responsibilities just because the DES was unable to attract and employ enough INCOs to serve its schools. The MUT stated that the idea that an Assistant Head, following a crash course, should be able to make decisions and correct documents that INCOs take care of with their specialised training is not only unfair but also an insult to both INCOs and Assistant Heads. Any changes to Assistant Head duties need to be discussed and agreed upon, and currently no proper discussion has taken place and, needless to say, no agreement has been reached.

The MUT also stated that its members will not end up victims of years of procrastination in relation to the call for applications for INCO and the inability to give this grade its much needed priority and support. The Union therefore concluded that it will be directing members accordingly if the current setup is changed without any agreement.

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