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MMDNA subscription

MMDNA subscription at 2.33 euro per dependant annually, for members and their direct families.This payment covers general nursing and include general care of patients, e.g. blanket baths, prevention and treatment of bedsores, toe nail cutting, injections (other than intravenous), enemas and wash outs, post operative and other dressing of wounds, urethral catheterization, care and treatment of diabetic patients. Visits are also made to mothers discharged from Mater Dei Hospital after childbirth. A midwife visits the mother at home the next day she leaves the hospital and on three other occasion within ten days of the birth of the child. The association employs midwives who attend to ante-natal and post-natal cases and in need attend during delivery.

Calls for a visit are made directly to the Association in the case of members.

Members may make use of the following Patient aides against a donation.A) Patient Lifters B) Members Commodes C) Walking Aides D) Back Rest E)Tripod Walking aids F)Bed Cradles G)Propads with cover. For further information kindly contact M.M.D.N.A Office on numbers 21387526 or 21385924 or by email.